Canal de Panama

Panama, bridge of the world, heart of the universe. The Panama Canal is a major destination, if you visit Panama. The Panama Canal is a good source of income, because products transported through the waterway. It is cheaper than transportation by air.

It is impressive to see how ships can enter and rise in water level. This is an unparalleled experience. Moreover in the section for tourists you are the Miraflores Locks you can visualize the movement of vessels through the canal from the pews. You can record all this magnificent event with a camera and take great pictures. If you wish you can go to a buffet restaurant left in the locks and enjoy meals at home and international meals and all this witnessing the passage of ships through the canal. You have a museum of the canal and even an interactive boat that can simulate handling This is definitely a sight not to be missed.

Investment opportunities in Panama

Panama has many potential products to invest. As: real estate, business, companies, banking, etc. In Concierge of Panama will offer […]