Miraflores Visitors Center

The Miraflores Visitor Center of the Panama Canal Authority presents the history, evolution and future projection operation of the Panama […]

Canal de Panama

Panama, bridge of the world, heart of the universe. The Panama Canal is a major destination, if you visit Panama. […]


Boquete is the leading mountain destination of Panama and is considered one of the best destination in the world for […]

The Beach Venao

About twenty minutes from the village of Pedasi is Playa Venao, a beautiful natural landscape, visited by Panamanian and foreign […]


The Province of Chiriqui, Panama is an eco-tourist, filled with a staggering amount of interesting and exciting to see and […]

Island San Blas

Between sky, sea and sand San Blas there is a timeless paradise, drawn from deep water corals and endless blue. […]

Casco Viejo

The Old Town of Panama City is the traditional district of Panama, located on a small peninsula, where they are […]

Seadfood Market

It is the best place to meet an important part of the lives of fishermen have, see different types of […]