Know Bocas del Toro

Relatively close to the border with Costa Rica and Panama, a small archipelago of white sand beaches and turquoise waters in the Caribbean Sea. It is Bocas del Toro and represents an excellent retreat for travelers looking for a quiet corner. It consists of six islands near the Panamanian coast, but the main one is Colón Island, which is the largest.
Mainly its relaxed atmosphere, the sun, its beautiful and calm beaches like Boca del Drago, a few minutes by bus from the small village of Bocas del Toro. Also interesting are the excursions in small boats for diving and surfing.For all this, there are many travelers who after discovering this wonderful place, change their travel plans to venture into this wonderful country. A country filled with wonderful people, very varied and magical places, which is easy to get around by public transport and, why not say, with very attractive prices especially for backpackers.